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Being found well - a permanent task

A good and attractive company website should be found as quickly and easily as possible via the Internet search engines Google and Bing. The higher the so-called ranking of the website in these search engines, the more likely the website will be found and the more visitors will reach the website.
Ideally, the website that is found should be your website that is placed as high as possible when certain search terms (keywords) are entered. However, a current ranking is only a snapshot because your competitors are also striving for the best possible ranking. This makes it clear: search engine optimisation is not a sprint and not a one-time task.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays, search engines are usually the starting point for obtaining information on the Internet. Regardless of the topic, the search is used to find information on specific topics such as business, sport, leisure activities, products and product tests, and information on companies.
Search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, is a methodical approach to improving the findability of a website in search engines.
In search engine optimisation, we apply methods from the areas of onpage optimisation, content marketing, offpage optimisation and take particular account of the quality guidelines of the search engine operators. In addition, we carry out an intensive analysis of your competitors in order to then develop the appropriate measures together with you. 
Our clear goal is to ensure that your company occupies a good position for as long as possible. Since SEO is a complex topic, a good positioning depends on many factors and it is like a "continuous run", we only carry this out for websites not created by us on the basis of a service contract.
Within the framework of new websites to be created by us or the relaunch of existing websites, we carry out SEO optimisation on the basis of the "SEO Basic Lite" package as part of the contract for the creation of a web design. We offer additional services with the "SEO Basic" and "SEO Basic Plus" packages.

SEO Basic Lite
(webdesign inclusive)

With technical SEO, we analyse the website with regard to the techniques used. With this, we lay the foundation so that the indexing of the website, e.g. by Google's crawlers, can be carried out without problems. Nonsensical redirects, many 404 errors and similar technical bugs prevent a clean indexing and thus a better positioning of the website.

SEO Basic
like Basic Lite and additionally

Content is the core area of a website. But even with highly exciting topics and detailed explanations, a lot can be done wrong from the search engines' point of view. The SEO texts are not sufficient enough, the content does not meet the visitor's intentions in a search query or a poor structure of the content ruins everything.

SEO Basic Plus
like Basic and additionally

Using various tools, we carry out a technical analysis of competitors' websites. Here we analyse important parameters that are relevant for the ranking of the websites. In addition, we identify "black holes" of the competitors, if any, which can offer opportunities for the own website.

SEO - Support

Step by step to the result

For sustainable search engine optimisation, you need time and patience, because the best objective from our point of view is the longest possible success in organic search in search engines. This works when the optimisation of the website for search engines is not seen as a one-off event, but as a continuous process.
Depending on the market and the industry in which the company's website is located, it takes several months before the first successes become visible and noticeable. Of course, it can also be quicker in individual cases, but in the concrete case this depends essentially on the initial situation. If the website has already been downgraded (penalised) by the established search engines for whatever reason, the reputation of the website will be significantly delayed.

The SEO Basic or SEO Basic Plus package is our basis for ongoing SEO support. We work strictly according to the guidelines issued by Google for webmasters and SEOs. The methods for search engine optimisation described and not permitted there can lead to penalties by the search engine. However, we do not only work seriously when using these methods, but also in dealing with our customers. If we look after a customer, we do not sign a contract with a competitor of our customer.
With ongoing SEO support, we take care of all SEO elements and constantly monitor the visibility of the website and errors as well as problems with the website, observe the competition and of course the Google rankings for the selected keywords. 
We provide ongoing SEO support (SEO Basic or SEO Basic Plus) exclusively on the basis of a corresponding service contract.